FleetMind Solutions, Inc.

Montreal,  QC 
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FleetMind Solutions is the award-winning technology leader for connected “smart truck” solutions for waste management fleets. FleetMind develops the industry’s most advanced fleet management solutions specifically for waste and recycling environments. FleetMind systems are installed in thousands of vehicles across North America linking waste fleet operations to their drivers and vehicles in real-time to ensure optimal productivity, safety, sustainability, profitability and customer service.


  • FleetLink Suite
    FleetMind’s FleetLink Suite provides the waste industry’s top ranked on-board fleet management system. Expect enhanced fleet performance, monitor drivers, and improved fleet safety while increasing profitability.

  • FleetLinkTM Suite


    • FleetLink Vision
      • Trek-674 onboard computing (OBC) device with GPS tracking and DVR streaming and playback capabilities
    • FleetLink Vision +
      • Same capabilities as Trek Vision plus route management, driver directions, remote vehicle system diagnostics through engine control module (ECM) integration
    • FleetLink Vision Lite
      • Digital Video Recorder system formerly known as SSV-9 (McNeilus branding)
    • FleetLink Mobile Lite
      • Panasonic FZM1 tablet with GPS tracking, remote vehicle system diagnostics engine control module (ECM) integration, route management, and driver directions
    • FleetLink Mobile AVL
      • CalAmp LMU6430 GPS-based tracking device

    Web-based applications

    • FleetLink Route System
      • Formerly known as Route Management System or RMS
    • FleetLink Reports
      • Formerly known as FRM, FRM Reports, FleetLink Enterprise Reports
    • FleetLink Map
      • Formerly known as Fleetweb, Fleetmap, FleetLink Track
    • FleetLink Safety Dashboard
      • Formerly known as Street Smart, Street Smart Vision, Street Smart Cam, Fleet Cam.
        • Note: The Street Smart brand name belongs to McNeilus, which is no longer marketing solutions from FleetMind under its brand.
    • FleetLink Web Services
      • Refers to the application programming interfaces (APIs) for interacting with the FleetLink solutions

    Mobile applications

    • FleetLink Mobile WasteApp
      • Also known as WasteApp
    • FleetLink Mobile DVRApp
      • Also known as DVRApp
    • FleetLink Mobile ELD
      • Also known as ELD
      • ELD is the electronic driver logbook application that FleetMind licenses from a 3rd party
    • FleetLink Mobile Cart Delivery
      • Also known as Cart Delivery
      • A component of WasteApp

    Other applications

    The following applications are not customer-facing. They are used by the Deployment and Support teams.

    • Command Center
    • Remote Software Upgrade, which is actually part of command center now, but still referred to separately.
    • FM Configuration Portal, previously referred to as ‘User portal’
    • Database Manager
    • FleetLink Connector
    • VDI (Vehicle Data Importer)

    Learn more by visiting https://www.fleetmind.com/