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ACCB is a Biotech company with 12 years experiences on molecular diagnostics by providing IVD products&clinical diagnostic services for precision medicine in oncology. We commercializes IVD kits, medical devices and data management software with a complete value chain from R&D, manufacturing, registration to marketing and sales. ACCB has a 35000sq.ft GMP facility with ISO13485 approved, and a state certified clinical lab with an integrated molecular pathology platform (RT-PCR, NGS, FISH, IHC, etc) ACCB's sister company is CureSeq, Inc. CureSeq’s mission is to revolutionize next-generation sequencing in the oncology space by making it affordable, offering faster time to results with a comprehensive solution using our products and services. Using our 3-day turnaround test run in our CAP/CLIA certified high complexity molecular lab, our NGS 25 Gene Pan Cancer Panel offers the best results for tumor profiling. CureSeq provides a variety of clinical trial services ranging from Phase I-IV.

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Biomark XP (qPCR based detection series): 
 1. Human KRAS Gene Mutation Detection Kit (CE);
 2. Human EGFR Gene Mutations Detection Kit (CE);
 3. Human BRAF Gene Mutation Detection Kit (CE);
 4. Human PIK3CA Gene Mutation Detection Kit (CE);
 5. Human KRAS Gene Codons 12/13/61 Mutation Detection Kit;
 6. Human CKIT Gene D816V Gene Mutation Detection Kit;
 7. Human EML4-ALK Fusion Gene Detection Kit;
 8. Human ROS1 Gene Fusion Detection Kit;
 9. Human KIF5B-RET Gene Fusion Detection Kit.


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