Cangzhou Shengfeng Plastic Product, Co., Ltd.

Dusheng Town
Cangzhou,  Hebei  061000

  • Booth: 4278

Cangzhou ShengFeng Plastic Product Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of diagnostic reagent packaging materials and consumables. Our products cover series of plastic products for the use of clinical diagnostic reagents and food safety testing, including plastic reagent bottles, desiccant tube, plastic cassette for rapid test, dropper bottle, urine cups and FOB tube. Our products are popular in European countries and the USA and have won wide and consistent praise from the clients.

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Plastic Reagent Bottle
 Plastic Dropper Bottle
 Plastic Cassette For Rapid Test
 Plastic Midstream Cassette
 Disposable Transfer Pipette
 Fecal Occult Blood Sample Tube
 Desiccant Tube
 Cryovial Tube
 Extraction Tube
 Any Plastic Consumables


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