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Alifax, Italian company specialized in development, production and worldwide distribution of three product lines: automatic instruments for ESR test in 20 seconds, microbiology systems for fast Culture, AST, MDRO screening and ready to use kits for Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. Our instruments and reagents kits development focus mainly on total laboratory automation requirements providing fast and reliable results, method standardization, sample traceability and easy to use protocols.


  • Ultra Rapid Clinical AST of Positive Blood Culture
    Alifax Clinical Susceptibility Test (CAST) is the unique ultra rapid IVD giving results in only 3 hours directly from blood culture. Performed with Alifax patented systems based on light scattering technology, CAST provides clinical useful results for the improvement of Critically ill patient management and antibiotic resistance reduction....

  • Alifax Clinical Susceptibility Test (CAST) performed with Alifax patented systems based on light scattering technology allows to test the sensitivity of pathogens to antibiotics directly from positive blood culture in only 3 hours.

    Starting from 10 ul of sample, it is possible to select a customizable panel of antibiotics chosen among a list of more than 30 molecules following both CLSI and EUCAST guidelines. The results are expressed in percentage of resistance to antibiotics and classified as Resistant, Intermediate or Sensitive.

    This unique Ultra rapid CAST dramatically reduces the analytical turnaround time thus effectively improving the Critically ill patient management, reducing antibiotic resistance and decreasing healthcare costs.

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