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Sebia is the world’s leading provider of clinical protein electrophoresis equipment/reagents via capillary separation and agarose gel technologies. Sebia continues to innovate with our fourth generation of CAPILLARYS instruments, the CAPILLARYS 3 TERA**. Sebia’s automated portfolio, the CAPILLARYS 3 TERA, CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing and MINICAP Flex Piercing systems, provide full walkaway capability and workload flexibility on our multi-assay instruments. Menu includes serum & urine* protein and immunotyping, hemoglobinopathy*, and CDT testing along with a high resolution separation technique for HbA1c analysis. Sebia’s HbA1c assay provides accurate and precise results with ease-of-use to fit into any core lab. Sebia’s automated agarose gel electrophoresis system, HYDRASYS 2 SCAN with ASSIST, provides a well-established and robust protein separation technology with a full menu for routine and esoteric testing. *Not currently available in U.S. on MINICAP Flex **Pending FDA clearance


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