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285 Sobrante Way, Suite A
Sunnyvale,  CA  94086

United States
  • Booth: 1562

NVIGEN is a nanobiotech dedicated to transit fundamental nanoparticle principles into innovative solutions for better diagnostics and therapeutics. Magnetic and fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles are among the key products. They offer unique advantages for molecular and cellular separation, enrichment, and fluorescence detection. Higher sensitivity, capture yield, specificity and consistency makes our protein capture, CTC isolation, cfDNA extraction, T-cell activation products outstanding.

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MagVigen, Protein Capture Magnetic beads
 MagVigen, Cell Separation, circulating tumor cell isolation magnetic beads-antibody conjugates
 MagVigen, cfDNA extraction kit
 MagVigen, FFPE DNA extraction kit
 MagVigen, T Cell Activation and Expansion magnetic beads-antibody conjugates
 MagVigen-streptavidin, protein or sequence specific DNA capture


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