D-tek s.a.

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Rue Rene Descartes, 19
Mons,  7000

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D-tek is a Belgian privately owned company specialized in autoimmunity. Since 1995, D-tek develops and manufactures in-vitro diagnostic kits for autoimmune diseases. The company produces different ranges of products from ELISA, Immunodot, Microarrays and Custom-made kits. Moreover, D-tek produces a complete range of ready-to-use diagnostic reagents (stabilizers, substrates, coating buffers,...). D-tek is looking for experienced distributors to promote and sell its products.

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Products to be exported:
Elisa (BlueWell)
 Immunodot (BlueDot and BlueDiver Dot)
 Microarrays (BlueDiver Quantrix)
 Custom tests (BlueDiver Combi)
 Automate (BlueDiver Instrument)
 A comprehensive range of reagents


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