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WHEATON is dedicated to providing quality products and services for the laboratory research, diagnostic packaging, and specialty pharmaceutical industries. For over 100 years, WHEATON products have been present when the greatest discoveries and advances in science were accomplished. Today, the company focuses on life science research, diagnostics and personalized medicine, with products and processes that are important to the human endeavor.


  • DualFusion Vial
    DualFusion vials combine the best properties of glass, the mechanical strength and the precision molding of plastic. DualFusion vials are specially engineered to protect pharmaceutical drugs and sample formulations that are prone to cause glass delamination as well as those that are sensitive to oxidation via the permeation of atmospheric oxygen....

  • DualFusion vials are manufactured with Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP) resin and a state-of-the-art Plasma Vapor Deposition Technology (PVDT). The new material is composed of an organosilicate protective layer covalently bonded to a silica-like (SiO2 barrier) layer that is fused to a COP shell to form a united covalently bonded material. The result is an inert surface that offers unparalleled protection for your valuable product from containers leachates and oxygen permeation.  Additionally, each vial has a unique serial number and a 2D barcode for manufacturing traceability. DualFusion vials are available as Ready-To-Sterile and come in 2R, 6R, and 10R format and can be sterilized via Gamma Radiation, Ethylene Oxide (EtO), and E-BEAM.

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