Ador Diagnostics Ltd.

6 Hawksworth, Southmead Park, Didcot,
Oxfordshire,  OX11 7HR

United Kingdom
  • Booth: 4139

ADOR develops, produces and markets complete molecular diagnostic systems for multiplexed testing directly from clinical samples to result within ≤90 min using its proprietary benchtop analyzer. First applications will include a Hospital Admission Panel for screening of hospital associated infections, a comprehensive panel for diagnostic workup of returning travelers, a screening panel for Meningitis and a testing panel for detection of Tuberculosis and its antibiotic resistance.

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Products to be exported:
The NatLab Bench-top Analyzer
 Hospital Admission Panel Cartridge
 Meningitis Panel Cartridge
 Tuberculosis Panel Cartridge
 Returning Travelers Panel Cartridge


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