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KNF Neuberger air/gas and liquid diaphragm pumps and compressors solve many clinical diagnostics instrument design challenges for a variety of needs, including: waste handling; fluid supply, replenishment, and recirculation; pneumatics; needle washing and drying; metering/dosing; and degassing/debubbling. Features this year include: the “Big Sucker” aspiration pump; compact, two-head-one-motor liquid pumps, offering smooth, even flow; mini vacuum pumps for a wide variety of gas sample collection and vessel evacuation tasks; and a broad range of micro gas pumps for applications where small size, low weight, and low current draw are required. KNF can optimize pumps at any quantity to your OEM performance needs, with spec-driven configurations, materials, and motors to balance desired controllability, lifetime, and cost. Stop by the KNF booth to consult with an engineer about your next project.

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  • Quiet, compact KNF Micro gas diaphragm pumps offer durable solutions for aspiration, waste-handling, anesthesia monitoring, tissue sampling, blood pressure gauges, negative wound therapy, and cleaning applications. These pumps offer flow rates of 0.05 – 24 LPM, vacuum to ≤24 in. Hg, linear flow vs. speed, and are highly efficient (flow/wattage). Custom tailored at any quantity, with options including optimized performance specifications, configurations, materials, and motors to balance desired controllability, lifetime, and cost.
  • Compact KNF boxer diaphragm pumps feature an efficient two-heads-one-motor configuration. The alternating head operation results in smooth, level flow, reducing the need for additional dampening components for systems sensitive to pulsation. In an alternative mode, two different liquids are transferred simultaneously, eliminating the need for a second pump.


    These pumps deliver volumes from 5 mL to 1.3 L/min per head. Equipped with speed-adjustable brushless DC motor, flow rates can be fine-tuned to system parameters for quicker design integration and optimized pump performance. The compact design provides great installation flexibility. These diaphragm pumps are also self-priming and can safely run dry, do not shed abrasion particles, and are available with chemically-resistant flow path materials. Individually tailored pump projects welcome at any quantity.
  • KNF Neuberger introduces the “Big Sucker diaphragm pump, a high flow pump specifically designed for liquid/air mixture applications, such as emptying well plates and waste-liquid containers. Self-priming and constructed of chemically-resistant materials, this powerful pump moves 10 – 14 LPM of air, or >4 LPM liquid at free flow and is capable of >1 bar g air, 6 m end vacuum. Robust, reliable, and predictable, the KNF “Big Sucker” is the answer for your aspiration needs. Optimize this pump for your particular project, with configuration, material, accessory, and options, and motor choices to balance desired controllability, lifetime, and cost.

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