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United States
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Maine Biotechnology Services is a trusted provider of antibody project management from custom consultation for antigen supply, antibody development, production, and characterization to working immunoassays. MBS has 25 years experience and knowledge base to guide our customers through the most complex antibody challenges, including anti-idiotypic and membrane-bound protein projects. Technical project managers at MBS are experts in guiding projects from antibody planning phases to working assays while managing data and making responsive strategy decisions along the way. MBS also offers a full catalog of internally developed antibodies including Norovirus, Rotavirus, Chikungunya virus, Campylobactor jejuni, His-tag, PEG, and many more. Our catalog antibodies are developed under cGMP and are produced in-house for maximum price flexibility. Visit our booth to learn how MBS can be your comprehensive antibody solution.

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