Master Diagnostica, S.L.

Vía de los Poblados, 17 - 5ª Planta - Nave 2
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Madrid,  28033

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Master Diagnóstica is a biotechnology company incorporated in 1996 devoted to the development, manufacturing and sales of diagnostic kits and reagents for in vitro diagnosis. It addresses oncological, infectious and other type of diseases by using innovative molecular biology and immunohistochemistry technologies. Established in Granada (Spain), we are one of the main national providers in Pathology and related services. Our company forms part of a group of Spanish biotechnology companies.

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i. DNA Flow molecular diagnostics kits:
 1. HPV
 2. Sepsis
 3. Viral CNS
 4. Bacterial CNS
 5. Tick-borne Bacteria
 ii. hybriSpot 12 and hybriSpot 24 (the equipments you need for the DNA Flow molecular kits
 iii. Lymphoma kits (4 kits) --> PCR kits
 iv. Cytonel-19, Cytonel-plus, Melanel --> ultra-rapid intraoperative IHC kits 
 v. IHC antibodies --> automatic equipment


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