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ALFA, a creative leader at innovating new products for rapid, IVD testing, has recently been granted patents on its newest invention, Driven Flow Technology. Featuring revolutionary designs that significantly improve test results in point-of-care diagnostic devices, our newest drug testing products, Instant-view-PLUS urine cups and saliva tests, feature Driven Flow and have shown dramatic reductions in reaction times as well as increased accuracy. To learn more visit us at booth #3913.


  • Novel Driven Flow Drug Testing Cup
    Alfa Scientific Design's urine drug testing cup provides results at least 3 times faster with much higher accuracy because of Driven Flow Technology. Featuring powerful driving forces pushing flow evenly past reaction areas at highly accelerated speeds, Driven Flow benefits labs with higher specificity and sensitivity. Learn more at booth 3913....

  • A newly designed drugs of abuse (DOA) urine cup test is a recent invention by Alfa Scientific Designs, Inc (ALFA). The novel feature of this new product is a cutting-edge innovation, Driven FlowTM Technology. The Instant-view-PLUSTM urine drug testing cup has a revolutionary design that exerts extra forces to drive immune-particle movement quickly and evenly to ensure test accuracy.  Driven FlowTM overcomes obstruction within test components that occurs in lateral flow devices making reactions more complete over a shorter period of time. The test's accuracy and sensitivity are significantly increased and false results from non-specific binding are largely minimized. Test results within 2 minutes with higher accuracy, specificity and sensitivity are possible with ALFA’s novel Driven FlowTM Drug Testing Cup. Visit booth #3913 for more information.

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