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TELCOR software solutions for point of care testing and revenue cycle improve workflow efficiencies. TELCOR QML®, the only open-vendor POCT connectivity solution, provides complete management and interfacing for 110+ device types in more than 2,000 facilities. For revenue cycle, TELCOR is the fastest growing RCM solution helping laboratories reduce costs, improve collections and gain visibility to unparalleled business metrics to help improve profitability.

 Press Releases

  • TELCOR, the leading vendor truly focused on point of care testing (POCT) middleware innovations, has introduced the first interface that seamlessly updates operator demographic information and competency completion information directly from a facility’s LMS/HRIS to its POCT middleware solution.  CAP/CMS/JCAHO inspections become more productive and efficient because operator and competency record updates along with the count of tests performed by each operator are combined into one system. Automatically completing competency requirements allows seamless continuity of patient care when sending operator updates to POCT devices for those who completed their competency requirements and oversight of those who have not.


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