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Whitney Research, Inc.

#1511 Prime Tower
22 Chaowaidajie Chaoyangmen
Beijing,  Beijing  100020

  • Booth: 127

Exclusively IVD Market Research and CHINA for 22 years. We are not only surveyors and visitors to IVD companies and CHINA hospital labs, but we are in-country healthcare consumers in CHINA. We track authorized charges, reimbursements and sales for domestic companies and the major multinationals. For understanding the CHINA market and developing an effective strategy for new products, no one has the experience of Whitney Research. Be sure to attend AACC IMB to hear Mr. Whitney's views on CHINA.

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    • AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo Management
    • SPARGO, Inc.
    • Toll Free (800) 564-4220
    • Phone:  (703) 631-6200
    • Fax (703) 563-2691
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