AXA Diagnostics S.r.l.

Via R. Merendi, 22
Cornaredo,  20010

  • Booth: 4177

AXA Diagnostics is an Italian Company, belonging to DASIT Group, whose SkyLAB752 represents the reference platform for the simultaneous processing of EIA and IFA techniques. AXA is also proposing on world markets its own reagents line for autoimmunity. Furthermore, with Sclavo branded products is active in R&D, production and marketing of other IVD products and instruments, being a leading manufacturer of reagents for Clinical Chemistry, Specific/Urinary Proteins, Coagulation, Serology.

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ELISA/IFA, Autoimmunity, Clinical Chemistry, Specific/Urinary Proteins, Coagulation, Serology, ELISA/IFA automatic platform.


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    • SPARGO, Inc.
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