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Category: Diagnostic Testing (Genomics)

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AACC 3539
Agena Bioscience 731 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
Agilent Technologies, Inc. 4807 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
America Diagnostics 4259 Twitter
ARUP Laboratories 2445 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Aurora Biomed 5311
Beaufort 5319 LinkedIn
Beckman Coulter, Inc. 3117
Beckman Coulter, Inc. MR311
Beckman Coulter, Inc. MR215
Biofortuna Ltd. 1520 TwitterLinkedIn
Biomatrica, Inc. 1961 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Bioneer Corporation 5555
biotechrabbit GmbH 4402
Biotium, Inc. 1360 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Biotron Diagnostics Inc. 1911
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Office of Technology and Innovation 3848 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
ChemWare 610
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 804 Upgraded
Corning Incorporated 1449
Curetis USA 5952 Upgraded
DAAN Gene Co., Ltd. of Sun Yat-sen University 2715
DiaCarta 1417 TwitterLinkedIn
DiagnostikNet-BB e.V. 4502
GenomeWeb LLC 1321
Hangzhou Gene Era Biotech Co., Ltd 2752
IDEX Health & Science 2749 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
IFCC International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 3739 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
IMEGEN 5011 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
ITL Group 2809 TwitterLinkedIn
LGC 2149 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Luminex Corporation 1838 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MBL International 2554
microLIQUID S.L. 630 TwitterLinkedIn
MilliporeSigma 2039 TwitterFacebook
MilliporeSigma MR239 TwitterFacebook
MilliporeSigma MR243 TwitterFacebook
NVIGEN, Inc. 5600 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Ocean NanoTech, LLC 738
Orochem Technologies Inc. 549 FacebookLinkedIn
Paramit 2020
Patient Impact Videos 10
PDC Precision Die Cutting 1557
Percorso Life Sciences 1755
Pharmozyme Inc. 514 TwitterLinkedIn
Precision for Medicine 5649 TwitterLinkedIn
Promega Corporation MR351 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Promega Corporation 642 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Psyche Systems Corporation 1603 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SARSTEDT 2139 Upgraded
Seracare Life Sciences, Inc. 5453 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Shanghai Fosun Long March Medical Science Co. Ltd. 1713
Shanghai Ruk Bio-Tec Co., Ltd. 5102
Shenzhen Boomingshing Medical Device Co., Ltd. 746 LinkedIn
Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. 5638
Taigen Bioscience Corporation 954
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. 6056
TTP plc 1658 TwitterLinkedIn
Universal Sample Bank 3539 Upgraded
Volpi USA 2159
Wuxi Guosheng Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. 5614