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Genrui, established in 2004, is a professional Chinese company specialized in IVD field including Hematology/Chemistry/Electrolyte/Specific protein/Urine/POCT Analyzers and Reagents. ISO9001/ISO13485 qualified and all products with CE mark.

 Press Releases

  • KT-6610 is an innovative, economic, compact hematology analyzer using advanced tri-angle laser scattering, flow cytometry technology to deliver cost-efficient 5-part white blood cell differential results. It is a perfect solution for small labs and clinics, which have limited space and budget, but request accurate hematologic results.


    Throughput: 60 samples per hour
    Tri-angle laser scattering, flow cytometry for white blood cell differentiation and counting
    29 parameters+4 scattergrams
    3 reagents used for test
    Small sample volume is needed for 5 differential results
    10.4-inch touch screen, no extra PC required
    Built-in thermal printer, support external printer
    Built-in barcode scanner to support LIS

  • KT-6400 is an innovative hematology analyzer with a large touch screen, built-in thermal printer and huge storage capacity.  It is a diagnostic system combined with reliable hardware and intuitive software, which is a perfect solution for small labs and clinics.


    Principle: Impedance for WBC, RBC, PLT counting

    Throughput: 60 samples per hour

    3-part differentiation of WBC, 20 parameters +3 histograms

    3 counting modes: whole blood, capillary blood and prediluted

    Micro sample volume: 10 μL

    Storage: up to 100,000 sample results (including histograms)

    Support external printer, barcode and LIS

  • GE300 is an easy-to-use, color touch screen electrolyte analyzer with throughput of 60 samples per hour based on ISE method. Auto calibration, sampling, cleaning to assure accurate results. Maintenance-free and long life electrode is another competitive feature to make it stand out and satisfy the customers.

    Throughput: 60 samples per hour
    Sample volume: 100-200μL
    Ion: K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+, pH, Li+, customized selection of ions, optional CO2
    Calibration: Automatic or On-demand
    Closed reagent, real time monitoring reagent
    Printer: Internal thermal printer
    Display: LCD
    Storage: Up to 50,000 results
    Interface: RS-232, support LIS

  • GS200 is a multi-functional benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput up to 150 T/H. It features 24-hour non-stop cooling, stable heating for reaction, bilateral LIS etc., it is a compact chemistry solution for small laboratories and a back-up tool for mid-to-high end laboratories.

    Fully automated, random access, open system
    Up to 150 T/ H (Without ISE)
    Wash and non-wash system both available 
    50 special plastic cuvettes, quartz optional 
    24 hours reagent cooling system
    40 reagent positions and 40 sample positions
    Full-sealed matrix spectrometric system
    Barcode reader and internal PC optional
    Support bilateral LIS, HL7 protocol

  • PA54 is a semi-auto analyzer for quantitative determination of specific proteins in blood, urine samples, including HbA1c, HS-CRP, CRP, ASO, CYS-C, RF, mALB, D-Dimer, IgM, IgG, IgA, C3, C4, etc.  It's an ideal instrument designed for medium or small labs or backup analyzer in large labs.

    Proven method: Fixed time nephelometry
    4 independent working channel
    Small sample volume
    Calibrated against the International Reference Material CRM470
    5.6-inch touch screen operation with intuitive software
    Support barcode scanner
    Built-in thermal printer, support auto & manual print
    Certified by NGSP (National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program)

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Countries of Interest:
Chile, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Russian Federation