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Turn Samples into Answers, Effortlessly With a global team focused on driving innovation for efficiency in the clinic, Vela Diagnostics leads the way in developing assays that make going from sample to result effortless. We offer broad test solutions that are both adaptable and scalable to your clinical research needs, speeding your time to results so you can focus less on assay development and spend more of your time on next steps. Efficient, integrated technology Our key technology focuses on two integrated and complementary workflows that deliver the depth of analysis suited to the level of information needed for your research. We streamline these workflows through the integration of automated prep and automated result-calling to deliver exceptional simplicity in operation without the need for a bioinformatician


  • Sentosa® SQ HIV Genotyping Assay
    The Sentosa® SQ HIV Genotyping Assay simultaneously identifies HIV-1 genotype and drug resistance mutations (DRMs). This assay is a part of a fast, automated sample-to-answer workflow that delivers results in just days and with a high level of sensitivity (< 1,000 copies of viral load per mL)....

  • Sensitive and Accurate HIV Genotyping and DRM analysis

    The Sentosa® SQ HIV Genotyping Assay uses next-generation sequencing technology to deliver accuracy in the detection of the HIV-1 Group M subtypes A through K as well as drug resistance mutations (DRMs).  Compared with traditional methods for HIV genotyping such Sanger sequencing, this next-generation sequencing-based assay is fast, delivering results in days rather than weeks, and identifies drug resistance mutations with greater sensitivity.

    Reliable and reproducible, this assay is designed for routine use with the Sentosa® SQ workflow.  By integrating genotyping and DRM identification into a single automated workflow, the need to run multiple assays is eliminated. This significantly improves turn-around-time to only 2 days from sample to annotated report with just 2.5 hours of hands-on-time.

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