Wisepac Active Packaging Components Co., Ltd.

3F, Building 8, No.888 Shuangbai Rd., Shanghai, 201108 China
Shanghai,  201108

  • Booth: 1017


As an international leading manufacturer of desiccant, Wisepac is dedicated to providing high quality desiccant products and advanced moisture-proof application solutions for clients in electronics, medicine, food, biotechnology, hardware, machinery, automobile parts, container maritime transport and other industries. Enterprise scale: Over 200 employees; More than 12, 000 square meters of production and operation areas; 12, 000 tons of various kinds of desiccant produced and sold every year.

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Business Needs:
Direct Sales, Distributor/Agent/Representative
Products to be exported:
desiccant and cutting and dispensing machine
Countries of Interest:
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea (South)