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Founded in 1989, Data Innovations (DI) is the world’s largest, most successful laboratory middleware company. With a focus solely on laboratory workflow and data management, DI offers the most complete middleware system in the market to manage laboratory operations, including proven autoverification, quality and data analytics solutions.

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  • May 12, 2017 - SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT: Data Innovations (DI) today announces the launch of version 8.15 of Instrument Manager (IM), the latest version of the leading middleware product.  This version provides technology enhancements to our Hot Backup solution and introduces an additional option called High Availability.

    The new High Availability feature continuously monitors the status and availability of your primary Instrument Manager system.  If the system detects a critical system event, the system will automatically initiate a failover sequence to a secondary, mirrored system to resume operations and minimize downtime.

    “Data Innovations High Availability solution for Instrument Manager will be a great asset to our enterprise both in maintaining laboratory uptime and reducing IT costs. Instrument Manager just keeps getting better.”

    Customer Beta Tester for High Availability

    Also, included in this release is Simplified Traceability.  This groups and organizes the abundance of specimen audit information to quickly and easily identify the chronology of events and actions performed for a specimen.

    Numerous customers leverage Instrument Manager to provide efficiencies and innovation in multiple disciplines, across multiple laboratories. With the high-level of reliability of Instrument Manager combined with the system redundancy options, laboratories can feel confident relying on Instrument Manager as their enterprise-wide middleware solution.

    “Data Innovations is committed to bringing the lab of the future to our customers,” said Premila Peters, President, Data Innovations.  “We are focused on further enhancing the laboratory and simplifying processes to improve day-to-day operations.  We understand that delivering results to patients in a timely and efficient manner is of utmost importance.  Instrument Manager is an integral part of so many laboratories and we believe that High Availability delivers added assurance to strengthen the business continuity strategy for our customers.”

    For more information about version 8.15 of Instrument Manager, go to or contact our regional Sales & Marketing Departments.

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