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FluxErgy is dedicated to creating efficient point-of-care laboratory testing, by bringing laboratory technology to the hands of healthcare providers.


  • SEARCH Analyzer
    The SEARCH Analyzer is a portable, point-of-care PCR system that fits in the palm of your hand. Robust technology and design accommodates a variety of sample types for enteric and respiratory panel results in-house. Sample-to-answer in 30 minutes or less. Utilize the power of PCR and diagnose your patients more effectively with Fluxergy....

  • The SEARCH Analyzer is the first point-of-care PCR platform available for veterinary diagnostics. The point-of-care system allows for infectious disease, sample-to-answer testing within 30 minutes in 3 simple steps. Remove the need for complicated logistics of outsourcing. Test whole blood, plasma, feces, or nasal swab samples in-house and take appropriate clinical action within a patient’s initial visit. Laboratory-grade accuracy at a price point of only $5,995 with test costs that are competitive with centralized labs. First assays to be released are equine enteric and respiratory panels. Single-plex tests also available. Fluxergy is dedicated to creating modular diagnostic technologies that provide accurate answers at the point-of-care.