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GE Healthcare Life Sciences delivers breakthroughs in drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and the latest in cellular technologies, so scientists and specialists around the world discover new ways to predict, diagnose and treat disease earlier. The Life Sciences business also makes systems and equipment for the purification of biopharmaceuticals.


  • Fast Flow HP Nitrocellulose Membrane
    A highly consistent membrane for use with most sample types in a lateral flow assay. FF High Performance (HP) membranes are part of the AE family, which are directly cast onto a plastic film. The FFHP membranes are a result of improved membrane casting procedures, which result in enhanced intra- and inter lot consistency and sharper lines. ...

  • Description Capillary rise (s/4cm)  Total caliper    (µm)  Properties
    FF80HP 60 - 100  200 A very fast wicking membrane for use with highly viscous samples, e.g. undiluted serum
    FF120HP  90 - 150 200 A general-purpose membrane for use with most sample types
    FF170HP 140 - 200 200 A membrane for use with low viscosity samples
    Catalog number  Descriptioin Pack Size
    10547003 FF80HP 25 mm × 50 m  1/pk
    10547002  FF80HP 20 mm × 50 m  1/pk
    10547001 FF120HP 25 mm × 50 m 1/pk
    10547006 FF120HP 20 mm × 50 m  1/pk
    10547005 FF170HP 25 mm × 50 m  1/pk
    10547004 FF170HP 20 mm × 50 m  1/pk