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Sarstedt’s product range includes pre- and post-analytic automation, systems for specimen collection, transportation and storage, consumables, and equipment for transfusion medicine. Sarstedt offers modular front- and back-end automation for laboratories of all sizes. Automation is available as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system. Processing options include: bulk tube loading, sample identification, sorting, decapping, aliquoting, recapping, and transfer to a track system. Our systems can process either push cap or screw cap tubes. The S-Monovette® blood collection system provides the option of gentle syringe-style collection directly into treated, analyzer-ready tubes. The S-Monovette® eliminates sample transfers from untreated syringes, and reduces hemolysis and clotting rates. The ultra-low volume draw allows for precise, controlled dispensing to Point-of-Care devices, helping to promote blood conservation.

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  • The Sarstedt HCTS2000 MK2 accessions and sorts closed primary sample tubes rapidly and accurately to 7 user-defined target bins.  Optional extension modules add 5 bins each for up to 22 targets.  The instrument can process up to 2000 tubes per hour, and tubes can be loaded and unloaded with minimal interruption.  Users can select 10 different sets of sorting rules, and the HCTS2000 MK2 can sort with or without LIS connection.  It is compatible with a broad range of tubes, regardless of manufacturer.

    For more information on Sarstedt laboratory automation systems, please visit or call 800-257-5101.

  • Sarstedt’s Microvette® capillary blood collection systems accommodate volumes of 100µl to 500µl with a choice of two collection techniques. 

    Microvette® 100 and 200 tubes have a pre-assembled plastic capillary straw for precise collection of 100µl of 200µl blood volumes. The optimal volume is reached when the capillary straw is filled completely, ensuring the correct blood-to-anticoagulant ratio. Alternatively, collection is also possible without the capillary using the tube rim.  

    Microvette® 300 and 500 tubes enable collection of 300µl or 500µl capillary blood volumes. The tube rim is very thin to facilitate blood flow into the tube, and the entire rim circumference may be used for collection.   

    Each Microvette® tube features a color-coded twist cap to minimize aerosols upon opening, color-coded fill lines, and lot and expiration information.  Microvettes have a cylindrical outer tube for labeling and are compatible with all common micro centrifuges. 

    For more information on Sarstedt blood collection products, please call 800-257-5101 or email

  • (Jun 28, 2017)

    Sarstedt Minivette® POCT devices are designed for the precise and hygienic collection, transfer, and subsequent dispensing of small capillary blood samples for point-of-care tests.   Blood is easily collected via capillary action into the collection capillary of the Minivette® POCT.  The sample is held securely in the capillary during transfer without spills and then dispensed onto the test field or into a micro tube with a slight push of the opposing integral piston.

    Minivette® POCT devices are available in 10µl, 20µl, 50µl, 100µl, and 200µl volumes, and are offered plain or prepared with EDTA or heparin.

    Complimentary samples are available upon request at 800-257-5101 or  Visit for more information.

  • The Sarstedt PVS 1625 is a comprehensive, modular laboratory automation system for pre- and post-analytical processing. Independent from an analytical platform, the PVS 1625 is customized per facility needs for any size lab and every need. Modules are available for bulk or rack loading, identification, decapping, sorting, aliquoting, and recapping with either a push or screw cap. Aliquots can be made directly into compatible screw cap tubes and immediately recapped for send-outs or capped post-analysis for archiving. The PVS 1625 is compatible with most analyzer racks and common tube types and dimensions. 

    For more information on Sarstedt laboratory automation systems, please call 800-257-5101 or email

  • The Sarstedt S-Monovette® is an innovative, enclosed multiple-sampling blood collection system. Recent studies conclude that the system may be used to significantly reduce hemolysis in blood samples due to shear stress associated with traditional vacuum tubes. Compared to untreated syringes, S-Monovette® tubes contain a range of additives and can be processed directly with no transfer, maintaining a closed connection. Ask how our Point-of-Care solutions can reduce cartridge rejection and limit blood contaminates.

    Studies, supporting literature, references, and free samples are available upon request. Please contact Sarstedt at 800-257-5101 or for more information. 


  • BL 1200 ID
    The BL 1200 ID accessions and sorts up to 1,200 sample tubes per hour without pre-racking for walk-away pre-analytical processing. Capped tubes are poured into the Bulk Loader, singularized for identification, and sorted into racks, centrifuge adapters, or bulk bins based on customizable rules. Multiple tube sizes are accepted....

  • The Sarstedt BL 1200 ID is a modular accessioning and sorting instrument that can be used in conjunction with any analytical platform. The unit features a Bulk Loader that eliminates manual sorting and pre-racking. Multiple tube sizes and types are accepted, and capped tubes are simply poured into the loader for walk-away processing. Tubes are automatically singularized and the tube type and barcode are identified. Sort and distribution rules are customized to targeted racks and centrifuge adapters or to bulk bins. Up to 1,200 tubes can be processed per hour, and an optional Pick and Place module allows the BL 1200 ID to be connected to a track system.

  • S-Monovette® POC Collect Kit
    The S-Monovette® POC Collect Kit is an innovative, easy-to-use Point-of-Care solution for venous sampling. It provides healthcare professionals a controlled and precise collection and dosing system that helps reduce test cartridge rejection while minimizing the risk of blood aerosols and exposure....

  • The S-Monovette® POC Collect Kit provides state-of-the-art technology for precise and controlled venous sample collection from an IV or indwelling catheter and dispensing into single-use test cartridges. A minimal sample volume is collected into a treated S-Monovette® tube, and a dispensing adapter is provided for subsequent cartridge loading. After POC dispensing, the analyzer-ready S-Monovette® tube can be sent directly to the laboratory if confirmation testing is required, facilitating patient blood management. In addition to reducing test cartridge rejection and minimizing the risk of blood aerosols and exposure, the S-Monovette® POC Collect Kit decreases turn-around-time, leading to improved patient outcomes and facility proficiency.