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FLI began operations in 1998 as a supplier of cooled CCD cameras for astronomical research. Today we operate from three facilities in two locations. Our Binghamton office is dedicated to production of High Speed Filter Switchers and custom engineering. Our two Lima facilities include a dedicated engineering facility and a state-of-the-art production facility for the production of Cooled CCD and sCMOS cameras.

 Press Releases

  • New York USA. Finger Lakes Instrumentation is pleased to introduce the Kepler KL400 cooled sCMOS camera; ideal for hyper-spectral imaging, orbital debris detection, super resolution microscopy, astronomy, and quantum imaging.

    The KL400 offers a rare combination of imaging attributes including high quantum efficiency (QE), ultra-low read noise, deep sensor cooling and fast frame rates. The result is an ultra-sensitive sCMOS camera capable of capturing high dynamic range images in a single shot.

    All Kepler cameras are supported by a robust SDK (Windows, LINUX) free of charge. Also included is FLI Pilot software. MATLAB®, LabVIEW®, and μManager are fully supported. Input-output TTL signals via an eight pin AUX port are provided making it easy to synchronize the camera’s operation with external events or light sources.

    • 95% QE (80% QE in UV

    • 1.5 e- read noise

    • 89,000 e- full well

    • 48 fps (24 fps HD mode)

    • USB 3.0 and QSFP Fiber (optional)

    • Mechanical shutter available

    • 50 Deg C active sensor cooling

    • AUX port (synchronization)

    • Optional QSFP for highest data rates

    • Optional mechanical shutter

    The KL400 will soon be followed by the KL4040 16.8 MP large format camera. For more information on FLI products, please visit

  • New York USA. Finger Lakes Instrumentation is pleased to introduce the Signa line of industrial filter wheels; Ideal for machine inspection, LCD inspection and OEM applications.

    Available in 5, 6 or 10 positions to accommodate 25 mm, 32 mm or 50 mm filters.  

    As fast as 66 ms exchange times between adjacent positions.

    High reliability - tested to hundreds of millions of iterations.

    FLI engineers will customize to fit your application.

    For more information on FLI products, please visit


  • Finger Lakes Instrumentation (FLI) launches INCITE Cube Switcher.
    INCITE switches dichroics and emission filters in 30 ms.
    INCITE is especially suitable for live cell imaging, multi-channel fluorescence, high content screening, and
    multi modal imaging.
    INCITE builds on FLI’s track record of designing the fastest microscopy motion components available and
    collaborating with industry partners on custom solutions.
    E mail:

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