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ZeptoMetrix™ is an industry leader in the design, development, and delivery of innovative, quality solutions to the Infectious Disease Diagnostics Market. Our expertise in Molecular Diagnostics, including External Quality Controls, Verification Panels and Proficiency Panels, has set the industry standard for performance and reliability. Diversity in Virology, Bacteriology, Immunology and Molecular Diagnostics helps us provide a uniquely, collaborative partnership with the ability to enhance new product design and development efforts; provide standard, customized, and OEM products and services; conduct specialized testing and data analysis; offer core competencies of organism sourcing and propagation; and assist in commercialization efforts by serving as a channel partner for the provision of independent 3rd party QC materials.


  • ZeptoMetrix™ NATtrol™ Molecular Quality Controls
    The ZeptoMetrix™ NATtrol™ line of Molecular Quality Controls is the industry standard for Infectious Disease QC. Our whole, intact and non-infectious microorganism based products provide the ability to monitor day to day assay performance, lot-to-lot test kit performance, individual operator performance and assist in identifying laboratory trends....

  • Millions of people are tested for infectious diseases annually.

    Accurate and sensitive diagnostics are necessary to confirm that patients are being provided with proper results as the implications of reporting either a false positive or a false negative can be devastating.      

    The consistent use of ZeptoMetrix™ NATtrol™ Molecular QC Controls and Verification Panels in diagnostic laboratory operations helps to provide higher levels of confidence in test results.

    Experience the difference…

    Whole, Intact Microorganisms

    Mimics a True Clinical Sample

    Entire Genome

    Controls for Extraction/Amplification


    Ready to Use

    Refrigerator Stable (2-8°C)

    Reduced Shipping Costs

    Enhanced Shelf Life

    Re-Use Capabilities

    Broad Patent Coverage

    Developer Preferred

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