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Fairfield,  NJ 
United States
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Vela Diagnostics is a worldwide supplier of integrated life sciences and diagnostic solutions that help provide customers with valuable molecular information. From scientists striving to make research advances to technicians reporting the information necessary to identify, monitor and treat diseases, Vela is a trusted partner for research and clinical laboratories around the globe. With innovative test and data reporting solutions for real-time PCR and NGS, we deliver innovation that addresses clinical, technical and economic issues facing laboratories in their quest to transform data into meaningful, actionable information. Based on reliable platforms and workflows, Vela solutions standardize testing, improve workflow and help to reduce cost for optimal efficiency across laboratories of all sizes. With scalability and open-channel capabilities, laboratories also benefit from the flexibility and versatility. We call it the power of standardized versatility.


About Vela Diagnostics


  • Sentosa® PCR and NGS Workflow
    Vela Diagnostics offers both Real-Time PCR and Next–Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications on one integrated Sentosa® platform. The unique ability to leverage both PCR and NGS solutions to test for various targets answers current clinical research questions and drives efficiency in laboratories....

  • Vela Diagnostics’ clinical research portfolio provides over 30 PCR Tests and over 10 NGS panels in Infectious Disease, Microbiology, Oncology with 22 different sample types and open-channel capabilities. This creates high laboratory flexibility, versatility,  as well as streamlines it's operations. The solution benefits are: automated workflow with minimal hands-on time, including automated extraction, PCR/NGS set-up and testing with end-to-end bioinformatics from raw sequencing to reporting. With the Sentosa®  workflow laboratories can avoid the cost of third party analysis pipelines or interpretation services; achieve cost reduction through efficiency and waste minimisation.

    RUO: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.