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  • Lynx Liquid Handler w award winning VVP Pipetting
    Lynx is the most technologically sophisticated liquid Handler ever offered. VVP offers (individually in each tip) differential pipetting volumes, diagnostics w short sample / clot detection and automatic error correction. VVP volumetrically measures in real-time the liquid entering and leaving each pipetting tip and is available in 8, 24 or 96 tips...

  • The Lynx Liquid Handler Workstation is the most technologically sophisticated liquid handler ever offered. The Lynx  offers the award winning 96 channel VVP Pipetting, where 96 of the same or different liquids and at unique or identical volumes, are transferred with complete on-the-fly diagnostics and volume validation for each aspiration / dispense. Pipetting errors like short samples, air bubbles or clot/clogs can be automatically corrected at the point of aspiration with a complete electronic traceable validation & data tracking report. Now have complete validated & traceable pipetting aspiration & dispense data, on the fly error correction and accomplish applications with challenged samples like whole blood on a single flexible workstation with your choice of multiple deck sizes and other tools like microplate grippers and vision scanning options.