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GeneAll Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a Korea-based manufacturer of nucleic acid extraction/purification kits and automatic system. At GeneAll, we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards in labware to ensure integral and reproducible results.


  • Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System GENTi 32
    Nucleic Acid Extractor GENTi 32 utilizes the proven magnetic-bead technology to extract highly purified DNA, RNA and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials. The purified DNA/RNA are compatible with various downstream applications such as PCR, Realtime-PCR, sequencing, genotyping, and gene expression....

  • The GENTiTM 32 gives you the flexibility to purify DNA/RNA from a variety of starting material, including Sputum, CSF, BAL, Urine, Body Fluid and also clinical samples such as hair and bone. With proven magnetic-bead technology, GENTiTM 32 offers pure convenience way and reproducible results in high yield, high purity of DNA/RNA and viral nucleic acids for use in a wide range of applications. Built-in UV lamps make decontamination standard. The GENTiTM 32 ‘s sample throughput is adaptable from 1 to 32 by pre-filled single strip or 96 deep well plate. The only two universal kits allow purification DNA/RNA from a variety of sample types without unnecessary complexity. The optimized protocol is so intuitive that users are able to set up and perform their first run after initial sample loading step. Experience GENTi beyond efficiency, productivity and flexibility!

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