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BIT designs, develops, manufactures and services high performance medical and life science diagnostic devices for our clients, allowing them to improve and save lives worldwide. Founded in 1976, BIT’s tagline ‘Build Innovation Together’ is not just a statement but an internal edict of our 350 employees in how to work with our clients. Our mission is to help clients rapidly and efficiently provide innovative and cost-effective products to their markets, specifically focusing in the hematology, immunology, molecular, anatomical pathology and clinical chemistry segments. With over 40 years of relationships with clients like Beckman, Siemens and Abbott, BIT has a proven history of success in living up to our commitments of working with partners and delivering innovation to the market. Located in Europe, USA and China and with more than 130,000 ft2 of manufacturing space, BIT is your local solution to outsourced design/development and manufacturing of your diagnostic automation requirements.

 Press Releases

  • Anaheim, CA – At the 2019 AACC Expo, BIT will proudly present their latest exciting cutting-edge instrumentation and technologies that are helping to revolutionize the IVD Industry.

     What’s @ BIT Booth #821 - August 6-8.

    • Over 30,000 Hematology instruments delivered across the globe.
    • BIT’s impressive lifecycle management for MADx - From prototype to manual testing to a fully automated device.
    • Qorvo® Biotechnologies onsite demonstrating the value BIT delivers to clients in evolving technology into commercial devices​.

    Lecture Series: Tuesday, August 6th, from 12:00 to 12:20 in Theater 3

    • Case Study – BIT Group partnership with Qorvo® Biotechnologies to commercialize innovative POC testing solution utilizing BIT’s lifecycle management processes.​

    As of June 2019, BIT Hematology has delivered over 30,000 hematology instruments to their partners; now being utilized in all regions of the world to improve patient care. Dedicated to commitment, BIT proudly teams with its original hematology business clients to this day.

    At AACC 2019, BIT will also showcase their collaborations with both Macro Array Diagnostics (MADx) and Qorvo® Biotechnologies. MADx utilized BIT’s in-house product development expertise to evolve their innovative ELISA based multiparameter allergen testing cartridge technology from a prototype concept to a fully automated testing platform​. This process will be evident through the display of the ALEX® Image X-Plorer and the fully automated Multi Array X-Plorer instrument in the booth. ​

    Similarly, Qorvo® Biotechnologies worked with BIT to develop their proprietary Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Point of Care technology from prototype to a full commercial product​. The Biosensor Platform will also be featured in the BIT booth.

    To further exhibit this partnership, BIT VP Global Marketing, Eric Stewart, and Qorvo® Biotechnologies Director Strategy & Business Development, Bryan Bothwell, will deliver a lecture series during the first day (Aug. 6) of the AACC Expo, from 12:00-12:20pm in Theater 3. Stewart and Bothwell are set to discuss the case study of the partnership to commercialize this innovative POC testing solution utilizing BIT’s lifecycle management processes. ​Through this workshop attendees will learn the value of combining great science and experienced outsource design and manufacturing capabilities to rapidly and efficiently deliver products to the market​.

    These Instruments and much more will be on display in BIT’s booth #821. BIT’s new Instrument Application brings an excerpt of instruments from BIT’s 43-year history of product development and manufacturing presenting capabilities in all areas of IVD. People in attendance will also be able to participate and interact with BIT’s Innovative Augmented Service Platform Application.

    From early concept development to industrialization and manufacturing to the launch of your product to the market, BIT is the turnkey solutions provider for all your instrumentation and commercialization needs. Stop by the booth to learn more about what BIT has to offer and Let’s Build Innovation Together.

    Click here to schedule a meeting with BIT’s global experts at the AACC Expo.


  • POC Immunodiagnostic Platform
    By combining multi-GHz Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) detection arrays with microfluidics and electronics, Qorvo Biotechnologies has developed a rapid diagnostic platform designed to deliver centralized lab results at the point of care, breaking the technological barrier limiting the ubiquitous deployment of liquid-based biosensors across all markets....

  • Qorvo Biotechnologies is dedicated to bringing a paradigm shift to point of care testing. Their diagnostic system is based on a sensor application of Qorvo’s Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filter technology deployed in millions of mobile devices worldwide, to enable a non-optical and fluorescence-free detection system. By leveraging best in class microfluidics and electronics, this cost-effective cartridge/ instrument platform is targeted to achieve central lab matched performance in a variety of matrix types, offering the opportunity to cover the clinical spectrum of Immunoassay and Molecular diagnostics needs. Qorvo Biotechnologies is breaking the technological barriers limiting the ubiquitous deployment of liquid-based biosensors.

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