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GE Healthcare is a leader in the diagnostic field providing an unmatched portfolio consisting of molecular biology reagents, kits and magnetic beads, membranes, cellulose and glass fiber media in customizable formats and sizes. GE 's depth of knowledge and extensive portfolio offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of the diagnostic industry now and into the future.

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  • High purity extraction beads enabling low limits of detection

    New SeraSil-Mag silica coated superparamagnetic particles (beads) are designed for diagnostic DNA extraction applications from biofluids and liquid biopsy samples, and are particularly effective when only trace amounts of DNA are available. The beads provide an optimal binding surface with regular morphology to optimize binding efficiency and reduce variability. SeraSil-Mag beads make the transition from column purification to bead-based purification easy and provide high-purity extraction enabling low limits of detection, assay after assay.

    In high throughput nucleic acid extraction applications, magnetic particles have become the method of choice, replacing the more complex processing associated with column-based approaches. Binding capacity is always of interest, but in cases where the input sample is scare, maximum levels of DNA capture and lowest unspecific binding are required. With the trend clearly moving towards extraction for clinical applications, the focus is placed on increasing the throughput of nucleic acid purification by using faster, easy to handle, automated and safer procedures that deliver results every time.

    GE Healthcare’s expertise and knowledge in magnetic bead technology through its existing range of Sera-Mag beads support this exciting introduction of SeraSil-Mag beads.

    SeraSil-Mag beads offer:


    • High magnetization (60 emu/g) and strong binding capacity give fast magnetic response (~5 secs) and shorten time of magnetic steps during isolation.
    • Beads are monodispersed with narrow size distribution for reproducibility.
    • Silanol hydroxyl groups on the surface give efficient, high purity isolation of nucleic acids.
    • DNA-tested for high sensitivity and accuracy.


    • Good buoyancy stability (low sedimentation rate): beads are well suspended and dispersed for over 90 mins at 1 mg/ml concentration* providing good handling and automation


    • Particles are uniform in size (submicroscale diameter: ~700 nm and ~400 nm) offering choice based on surface requirements.

    For more information please visit:

    *The beads may settle faster at higher concentration.

  • Reliable results, consistent performance and peace of mind at a competitive price.

    Reliable, accurate DNA size selection is a critical element in library preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS). With the cost to sequence a single human genome estimated to be in the region of $100 in 2017 (BCC Research) and the significant time investment needed to sequence, it is paramount that accurate nucleic acid size selection be achieved to maximize the amount of useable data generated per run and optimize the upstream processes.

    Sera-Mag Select is a ready-to-use reagent based on GE Healthcare’s industry standard Sera-Mag Carboxyl Speedbead and the well-known solid phase reversible immobilization technology. It provides a single solution with optimal binding characteristics, for both polymerase chain reaction (PCR) clean-up and DNA fragment size selection for NGS library preparation.

    By adjusting the amount of Sera-Mag Select reagent that is mixed with a fixed volume of sample, the DNA size range isolated from the process can be tailored to suit the user’s end requirements. As a general rule, the smaller the DNA fragment to be bound, the larger the volume of the reagent that should be added (relative to the initial sample volume). DNA of 100 bp size or greater can be reliably recovered using Sera-Mag Select.

    The formulation of Sera-Mag Select can also be customized at GE Healthcare’s manufacturing site of excellence in Cardiff by our dedicated team of research and development specialists, helping to solve customer workflow issues.

    Sera-Mag Select offers:

    • Reliability: High yield in the recovery of specific fragment sizes for optimal sequencing efficiency
    • Simplicity: One product for size selection & PCR clean-up instead of two separate products
    • Accuracy: delivers highly accurate results, time after time
    • Minimal disruption: Follows standard protocols for size selection and PCR clean-up, allowing for direct integration into existing workflows
    • Excellent value: Designed with GE Healthcare’s own proven Sera-Mag magnetic particles for a truly cost-effective solution.

    For further information and to request a free sample, please click here.

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