Inova Diagnostics

San Diego,  CA 
United States
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Throughout our history as an innovator in autoimmune diagnostics, we’ve been driven by a simple mission: help labs improve the way patients with autoimmune diseases are diagnosed, monitored, and treated. Inova Diagnostics continually works with clinical researchers to develop new biomarkers for more accurate testing. We also collaborate with experts in automation to deliver more efficient systems that help clinical labs improve their testing processes. The Integrated Lab is comprised of a portfolio of instruments seamlessly connected to the LIS using QUANTA Link, a data management system. Integrated Lab instruments include the new AptivaTM* system for particle based multi-analyte testing (PMAT), BIO-FLASH® rapid-response chemiluminescent analyzer, QUANTA-Lyser® EIA/IFA processor, NOVA View® digital IFA microscope, and NOVA Dot®† immunoblot testing. Come visit our booth or our website ( for more details. * In development. Not for sale † Not for sale in the US