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MyCartis brings immunodiagnostic technology to the next level. The Evalution platform positions in the translational research and central lab diagnostic space, providing the user unique possibilities and flexibility. The Antelope platform targets the point-of-care, point-of-need and home diagnostics market, where it will bring clinical lab grade results to decentralized and home users at a consumer price tag.

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  • ZWIJNAARDE (Ghent), Belgium, July 17, 2019.

    Today, MyCartis and XVIVO Perfusion AB announce a collaboration to engage in the development of a fast diagnostic tool to timely assess the quality of donated organs during ex-vivo perfusion. Such test can guide the transplant surgeon and team on the quality of an organ and the chances of a positive outcome for the recipient.

    Despite yearly growing transplantation numbers, organ waiting lists continue to grow. The organ shortage represents a huge burden for the patient, for his or her direct environment, for the healthcare system and for the overall community.

    Ex vivo evaluation of solid donor organs by normothermic machine perfusion is becoming increasingly established as a tool to increase the number of available organs. XVIVO Perfusion is a leading medical technology company focused on developing optimized solutions for organ, tissue and cell preservation and perfusion in connection with transplantation.

    Currently, surgeons rely on physiological  criteria to determine the fitness of an organ, whereas signs of non-fitness, like inflammation or tissue damage, may remain unnoticed by such means. Biomarker assessment to identify and quantify these unfavorable conditions in a timely manner would help the surgeon in his decision process. The MyCartis Evalution® platform is unique in its ability to measure multiple biomarkers simultaneously in a fast and easy way using a workflow that enables repeated testing. In a recent whitepaper, MyCartis demonstrated the successful application of interleukin-1β as an indicator for inflammation in lung organs during perfusion. With results generated within 20 minutes, this test meets the required turnaround time for real-time organ assessment as well as organ follow-up.

    MyCartis and XVIVO decided to expand the real-time testing panel to also enable the quantitation of organ damage next to the degree of inflammation. Both phenomena are negative indicators for successful transplantation.

    “Seeing that the unique capabilities of fast, easy and timely biomarker testing of our Evalution® platform are recognized in the field of organ transplantation, strengthens our believe that we can play a major role in solving unmet medical needs”, says Wouter Laroy, CSO at MyCartis. “MyCartis’ strong experience in high performant biomarker testing perfectly complements XVIVO’s expertise in donor organ perfusion, a combination that will help save lives of those in need of a new organ”.

    ”XVIVO believes that adding biomarkers, in addition to measurement of conventional physiological criteria, to determine fitness for transplantation after an EVLP will play an important role in the decision process. We are therefore pleased to announce the collaboration with MyCartis, that can deliver a fast and easy way to measure biomarkers during an EVLP. This new method has the potential to increase the number of donated lungs for transplantation by using EVLP”, says Magnus Nilsson CEO of XVIVO Perfusion AB.

    About MyCartis

    MyCartis has developed the immune-diagnostic technology, DMAT®, which is integrated in its real-time platform called EVALUTION®. DMAT® delivers an unmatched combination of features, covering multiplexing, assay speed and analytical performance, together with the unique ability to measure antibody binding strength and hence qualify immune responses directly. EVALUTION® uses a 16-channel disposable cartridge. It is currently used in the Life Sciences research context and was validated for many multiplex assays in-house and with partners. MyCartis is a privately held company located in Ghent, Belgium. E-mail: Website:

    About XVIVO Perfusion AB

    XVIVO Perfusion AB is a medical technology company which develops solutions and systems for assessing and preserving organs outside the body and for selecting usable organs and maintaining them in optimal condition pending transplantation. The company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has one office in Lund, Sweden and one office in Denver, the USA. The XVIVO share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and has the ticker symbol XVIVO. More information can be found on the website XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ), Box 53015, SE-400 14 Göteborg. Corporate identity number 556561-0424. Tel: 46 31 788 21 50. Fax: 46 31 788 21 69. E-mail: Website:

    For more information, contact MyCartis on

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