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United States
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Randox is a global diagnostic company with over 35 years’ experience. Dedicated to improving healthcare worldwide our aim is to deliver faster, more accurate diagnosis through the use of novel technologies. As a leading provider of immunoassay analyzers utilizing innovative biochip technology, chemistry analzyers, third party reagents, the largest toxicology test menu and quality control solutions comprising QC, PT & calibration verification Randox is shaping the future of clinical diagnostics.


  • Extend your Lipid Profile with sdLDL-C
    Small dense LDL cholesterol (sdLDL-C), a subtype of LDL-C more readily permeates the inner arterial wall compared to the larger more buoyant LDL-C. Elevated sdLDL-C levels increase the risk of myocardial infarction 3-fold. With 510K clearance, Randox offer an automated biochemistry assay with applications for a wide range of analysers....

  • LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) consists of two parts: the bigger part is light and almost rich in cholesterol (large buoyant LDL Cholesterol (lbLDL-C)) and the smaller part with more special weight is composed of less cholesterol (sdLDL-C). Varying in size, sdLDL-C can more readily permeate the inner arterial wall, increasing the risk of myocardial infarction 3-fold. Measuring sdLDL-C levels enables the clinician to gain a more comprehensive overview of lipid risk factors allowing treatment to be tailored accordingly as the current lipid panel only detects 20% of all atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease patients. With 510K clearance, Randox offer an automated biochemistry assay with applications for a wide range of analysers.
  • Acusera Verify | Calibration Verification
    Our range of instrument dedicated, liquid calibration verifiers are designed to challenge the entire Analytical Measuring Range, whilst helping to meet CLIA requirements and remaining convenient to use. Complimentary data reduction software is available with all Randox linearity sets, with features designed to help speed up the data review process....

  • Acusera Linearity Sets are designed to challenge a larger section of an instruments reportable range (analytical measuring range) and test if a system’s calibration is still valid. Our linearity materials cover a wide range of testing including, CRP, RF, Lipids, Therapeutic Drugs, Esoterics and more. Designed with user convenience in mind, all our linearity sets are supplied in a liquid format, in varying levels. Our unique combination of analytes enables laboratories to reduce the number of individual products required while ultimately reducing costs and time.

    Complimentary, cloud-based data reduction software is supplied with all linearity sets, providing a graphical representation of results for at-a-glance performance assessment. Access to instantly updated peer group data and automatically generated statistics also help to speed up data review.