Avioq Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

Yantai,  Shandong 
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Avioq Bio-tech Co., Ltd.specializing in the development, production and marketing of IVD reagents,has gained ISO 13485:2016 quality management system certificate. Avioq mainly adopts such methodologies and technologies for the development and manufacturing of products as ELISA, CLIA,and colloidal gold etc.The company main products include:Gastric function series assay kits,Epstein-Barr virus assay kits , FMD Virus Assay Kit, tumor-related projects and Diabetes Series Assay Kit.

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PGⅠ、PGⅡ、G17、NA-IgA、Rta-IgG、VCA-IgA、VCA-IgM、EA-IgA、EA-IgG、EA-IgM、EV71- IgM、CA72-4、CA125、CA15-3、CA19-9、HE4、CA50、CA242、GAD、IA2、IGRP、ZnT8
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