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Irvine,  CA 
United States
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FluxErgy is dedicated to creating efficient point-of-care laboratory testing, by bringing laboratory technology to the hands of healthcare providers.


  • Fluxergy Analyzer
    Imagine running a PCR panel, a complete blood count, and a quantitative protein measurement on one system. The Fluxergy Analyzer has been developed for PCR, chemistry-, immunochemistry- and cytometry-based testing. Current human health tests include HIV-1, HCV, C-Diff, with a respiratory panel and CBC under development....

  • Fluxergy’s platform integrates microfluidics, multiple assay chemistries and a smart, multi-sensor device. The portable system allows for real-time PCR testing within 45 minutes in three simple steps:

    Step 1: Mix the raw sample with the Fluxergy Buffer and dispense onto the Fluxergy Card.

    Step 2: Insert the Fluxergy Card into the Fluxergy Analyzer.

    Step 3: Read qualitative and quantitative results on the Fluxworks companion software.

    Fluxergy’s microfluidic technology makes point-of-care diagnostics and universal health monitoring possible. Our platform allows for laboratory-grade accuracy in every setting.

    To learn more about the Fluxergy Analyzer, visit us at Booth #3544.

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