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LAMEDITECH Co., Ltd has been developing and supplying the specialized laser devices for the healthy and beautiful life of humanity based on laser miniaturization technology. Our laser devices to treat the dermatolopathy of pets, which the miniaturization technology applied to, are highly competitive in both convenience and price comparing to other similar products in the market. Through the continuous research and development, LAMEDITECH commits to become a global top laser expertise company.

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1) The HandyRay is an innovative laser lancing device for capillary blood collection based on laser technology, that is, without normal needle. This product leads to improve the disadvantages of the traditional needle lancet including pain, callus and cross infection and also enables safer and more comfortable capillary blood sampling for the various blood tests
 2)La MediTec's EXCIMER-308 is a laser product for the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, atopic and inflammatory skin diseases
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