Lohmann Precision Die Cutting  

Orange,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 4248
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Recognized for over 165 years as a global leader in adhesive solutions, Lohmann Corporation specializes in engineering advanced adhesives and converting pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, films, foams, membranes, and custom laminates for the medical device, diagnostic, skin contact, wound care, and laboratory markets. Lohmann's capabilities include die-cutting, slitting, laminating, laser cutting, and printing. Lohmann’s proprietary GL-187®—a non-migratory, inert adhesive—has become the industry standard for assay-based diagnostic testing devices and lateral flow test strips. GL-187® is manufactured and distributed from two facilities in the United States. Lohmann's bonding engineers create pioneering adhesive solutions and provide custom design, material testing, selection assistance, and production. www.lohmann-tapes.us