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Quantimetrix is a global leader in liquid quality control. Best known for offering the most complete line of urinalysis controls, including the widely recognized Dipper® and Dropper®, our control portfolio also includes general and special chemistry controls. Our Lipoprint® Lipoprotein Subfractions Testing System is the only one of its kind currently on the market for both clinical and research settings. We have cultivated a wealth of expertise, allowing us to satisfy almost any request for custom development. We strive to achieve the highest possible quality through lot-to-lot consistency, superior stability, and ease-of-use. From products to service and support, we are committed to simplifying the lives of our customers and partners. The drive to make great, simple-to-use products is what inspired our latest development, Dipper POCT – the only single-use, liquid, urinalysis dipstick control. We look forward to connecting with you as we celebrate 45 years of innovation in quality.


  • Dipper POCT®
    Dipper POCT® Urinalysis Dipstick Control is a single-use liquid control delivering exceptional performance & efficiency. Patented design allows for visual verification of full dipstick immersion, minimized contamination risk & maximum convenience. 3 months RT & 3 years refrigerated stability. Designed for use in every clinical testing environment....

  • Dipper POCT® Urinalysis Dipstick Control is a single-use liquid control that delivers exceptional performance and efficiency with 3 months RT and 3 years refrigerated stability. Made with a simulated human urine matrix, Dipper POCT’s stability exceeds that of all other urinalysis controls, currently on the market, formulated with native ketones. The unique pouch design allows users to visually verify full immersion of the dipstick, minimizes the risk of contamination and maximizes convenience. Dipper POCT is designed for use in every testing environment including: central labs, reference labs, nursing stations, and doctors' offices.
  • Dip&Spin®
    Complete urinalysis combination quality control for the clinical lab. Features bacteria and COD crystals, real human RBCs and WBCs easily recognized by standard & automated microscopy methodologies. Excellent 24-month shelf life and open vial stability at 2ºC–8ºC for all analytes. Compatible with most urine strip brands, manual microscopy methods....

  • Our most complete urinalysis control now with E. coli, the most commonly found bacteria in affected patient samples, and beautifully engineered Calcium Oxalate Dihydrate (COD) crystals that are easily recognized by both standard and automated microscopy methodologies. Formulated with real human RBCs and WBCs, Dip&Spin makes for an excellent urinalysis dipstick and sediment combination quality control for the clinical lab.

    Compatible with most urine strip brands, manual microscopy methods, confirmatory tests, and automated analyzers such as: iQ200, UriSed, COBIO-XS, sediMAX, iRICELL, LabUMat2/UriSed2. Now with values for Roche Cobas 6500.

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