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We provide easy-to-use molecular/genetic diagnostic platforms with high sensitivity and specificity focused on sectors of Obstetrics-Gynaecology and Oncology using our original patented diagnostic technologies You are welcomed to visit us to look over our products aimed at detections of Congenital and Infectious hearing loss, Fetal chromosomal abnormalities (Prenatal test), Microsatellite Instability, Infections of HBV and Helicobacter (its antibiotic resistance) and much more.

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Real time PCR based detection kits 1. Microsatellite instability detection kit 2. H. pylori infection/antibiotic resistance determination kit 3. Prenatal screening of chromosomal abnormalities using amniocentesis/chorionic villus sampling 4. NIPT using maternal blood 5. Detection of inherited hearing loss related mutations 6. CMV Detection/Quantification Kit 7. EBV Quantification Kit
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