Hologic, Inc.

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San Diego,  CA  92121

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At Hologic, we enable people to live healthier lives everywhere, every day. The Diagnostic Solutions division delivers on this commitment by developing innovative cytology and molecular testing. Our Panther® instrumentation and Aptima® and Panther Fusion® assays are rooted in science and driven by technology, helping to guide patient care and enable earlier detection. With our expansive menu you can consolidate your molecular testing today and meet your lab’s growing needs tomorrow. The Hologic ThinPrep® portfolio is a global leader in cytology and our dedication to innovation has never been stronger. We are focused on empowering labs with new diagnostic testing solutions designed to deliver life-changing diagnostic detection and help maximize laboratory efficiency.

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  • Digital Cytology Education Website
    Enter a new era of learning with a fully interactive digital cytology education platform....

  • Enter a new era of learning with a fully interactive digital cytology education platform. With this website you can access 5 unknown cases per week, review 24 areas of interest, as well as the whole slide image, receive instant feedback with detailed descriptions, and reference a library of known cases. Register for free today at WWW.DIGITALCYTOLOGYEDUCATION.COM.

  • Panther
    The power to choose. The potential to grow....

  • Panther Scalable Solutions is here to meet your evolving needs, working with you to bring innovative, scalable solutions to your lab today and tomorrow.  The Panther system is the foundation for future scalability and growth, offering the most comprehensive molecular menu on the market that combines STIs, Women's Health, Viral Load and Respiratory testing allowing labs the ability to run these assays simultaneously to maximize efficiencies and streamline workflows.  With the ability to add Panther Fusion, Panther Plus and Panther Link as your lab needs evolve as well as the capability to create a fully integrated molecular workcell for the ultimate in lab automation with Panther Trax, Panther Scalable Solutions gives you the power to choose and the potential to grow.