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The difference between a positive patient outcome and a complicated recovery can be a matter of degrees. Maintaining a normothermic core body temperature is vital when patients are undergoing surgical procedures. So is the ability to accurately measure temperature. That’s why the 3M™ Bair Hugger™ normothermia system connects technology with medical science and comfort with care to provide solutions for virtually every patient, every procedure, every time.

The 3M Bair Hugger normothermia system provides the widest range of best-in-class normothermia management solutions—from noninvasive temperature monitoring and patient-pleasing warming gowns to the most extensive array of unique warming blankets—that work seamlessly throughout the perioperative process to effectively and efficiently measure and manage patient temperature.

The 3M Bair Hugger normothermia system has warmed more than 200 million patients during its 30-year history and continues to make a positive and significant impact in facilities across the globe. Stop by booth #2029 today, or visit www.bairhugger.com.



  • Bair Hugger Temperature Monitoring System

    The 3M Bair Hugger temperature monitoring system eliminates the variation in temperature readings due to device accuracy or technique and provides an accurate, non-invasive temperature measuring method that can be used throughout the perioperative environment and in any type of anesthesia....


  • The 3M™ Bair Hugger™ Temperature Monitoring System is an accurate, noninvasive, easy-to-use temperature monitoring system that continuously measures patients’ core body temperature and provides standardization throughout the perioperative journey.

    Consisting of a single-use sensor and reusable control unit, the Bair Hugger temperature monitoring system simplifies the existing temperature monitoring process while delivering accurate patient temperatures normally associated with more-invasive systems like esophageal, bladder, rectal or PA catheters.

    Standardizing with one temperature monitoring system can help improve consistency, reduce opportunity for error, and eliminate the duplication of effort required to purchase and carry multiple products. Visit booth #2029 or online at www.bairhugger.com.

  • 3M Bair Hugger multi-position upper body blanket

    A New Warming Blanket that Bends and Transforms. The 3M Bair Hugger multi-position upper body warming blanket’s unique bendability feature was inspired by the clinician’s need to optimize patient body surface coverage and help maintain normothermia, driving positive patient outcomes. ...


  • The new 3M™ Bair Hugger™ Multi-position upper body blanket is a customer-inspired innovation designed to maximize patient coverage with one easy-to-use warming solution—because degrees matter, and so does versatility. The blanket's unique bendability enables clinicians to adapt the blanket to multiple surgical positions and procedures, to help maintain normothermia.

    Key Benefits:

        • Warming blanket is engineered to deliver improved heat transfer in a wide range of surgical procedures

        • Bends and conforms while providing uniform temperatures

        • Offers optimal patient body surface coverage

        • Engineered to provide minimum loftiness

        • Offers fast and easy application; Suitable for perioperative use

    Visit the 3M booth (#2029) or online at www.bairhugger.com.


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