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United States
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XpressBio manufactures and markets molecular and immunological products and services to the bio-science research community around the world. Our customers are some of the leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, government, and academic organizations. We continuously expand our product portfolio through providing clients customized solutions.

 Press Releases

  • XpressBio has developed a 2-hour HIV RT assay for drug screening and a 24-hour assay to detect as little as 1 pg of HIV RT in viral conditioned media.  An assay incubation time of 5-6 hours allows the experiment to be completed in one day and will detect 2 pg of HIV RT.  The RT assay is qualitative, non-radioactive, colorimetric, and can be used to determine if test articles, compounds, or peptides can inhibit HIV RT activity. The assay can also be used to quantitate HIV RT activity in experimental samples. The HIV RT Assay Kit can be used to detect other retroviruses including HIV-2, M-MuLV, AMV, and SIV-1.

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