Rx Destroyer

Rx Destroyer Drug Disposal & Rx Waste Systems
133 Industrial Drive
Burlington,  WI  53105

United States
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DEA-COMPLIANT DRUG DISPOSAL Available through Rx Waste Systems-Full-service partner offering tracking for exempt waste status, education and medication identification. Rx Destroyer... AFFORDABLE destruction for up to 100% of controlled & non-controlled destruction. EASY, COST-EFFECTIVE and ECO-FRIENDLY!. On-site, INSTANT "drug disposal in a bottle" to deem pharmaceuticals non-retrievable. Convenient, ready-to-use formula for wasting of non-hazardous drugs including narcotics, injectables, liquids, fentanyl patches, creams, suppositories, and lozenges. LOAD meds, DONE! Store and use again, may discard full bottle into common garbage. Visit www.redestroyer.com or call 262-363-7004.

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