MediBeacon Inc.

St Louis,  MO 
United States

MediBeacon Inc. develops proprietary, non-invasive, real-time monitoring systems for kidney function, gastrointestinal permeability and other light-activated diagnostics. MediBeacon’s transdermal fluorescence detection device and fluorescent tracer agent are used to measure Glomerular Filtration Rate (mGFR) in the preclinical setting. The miniature detection instrument allows researchers to measure and track kidney function over time, without requiring the animal to be restrained during monitoring. Utilization of this system obviates the need for blood sampling, urine collection, and laboratory assays, and thus enables superior preclinical trial design and streamlined execution. Use of the technology enhances preclinical assessment of kidney therapeutics, evaluation of nephrotoxicity and fundamental understanding of kidney function in animals. MediBeacon’s overall mission is to commercialize biocompatible optical diagnostic agents for physiological monitoring, surgical guidance, and imaging of pathological disease in the human population.