Tokyo,  Shunjuku-Ku 
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REPROLIFE Inc. was founded in 2010 by Dr. Masashige Kuwayama, a pioneer in human oocyte and embryo vitrification in Japan. We stand at the forefront of innovative cryopreservation method. Our dedication is channeled through the Cryotec product line, the cutting-edge vitrification and warming solutions, as well as devices that meticulously designed for the vitrifying and warming processes. The Cryotec Method is carefully developed and improved. Its smart approach helps embryologists effectively manage and preserves oocytes and embryos, leading to high survival rates. The Cryotec Method's remarkably successful worldwide. We strongly believe in everyone's right to become parents, no matter the challenges they face. We work tirelessly to advance assisted reproductive technologies through ongoing research and development. Our dedication goes beyond borders, making sure that our products are accessible to all, bringing the incredible happiness of parenthood to people from all walks of life.