Thomas Medical (A MedGyn Company)  

Addison,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 1336

Thomas Medical is dedicated to providing comprehensive infertility care products for healthcare professionals. Thomas Medical’s high-quality family of products include HS/HSG/SHG Catheters and Procedure Trays, IUI Catheters, Uterine Manipulators/Injectors, LEEP/LLETZ Electrodes, and more. Thomas Medical products are proudly Made in the USA and meet the highest quality standards. Each product is individually hand-inspected so healthcare practitioners can be confident they have a reliable product. Further, Thomas Medical’s HS Catheters are gamma sterilized and designed with a smooth tip for optimal patient comfort upon insertion and removal. Our Catheters are available, with no backorders. Stop by our booth to check out our new Embryo Transfer Catheter. We would enjoy getting your feedback. Thomas Medical is a division of MedGyn, a global leader in women’s healthcare products. We are proud to be a minority-owned, women-led organization.


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  • Flexible HS Catheter / Shapeable HS Catheter
    Thomas Medical’s HSG catheter is used for administering contrast media or saline during Hysterosalpingography and Sonohysterography procedures to detect uterine pathology and tubal occlusion....

  • Flexible TMI1154/TMI1155

    Shapeable TMI1185/TMI1187

    • Smooth tip reduces risk of trauma
    • Stable placement sheath decreases the need for a tenaculum
    • Concentric balloon secures the internal os to prevent leakage
    • 20% radiopaque material allows the catheter to be seen under x-ray

    HSG Procedure Tray TMI1198/TMI1199

    • Everything in one sterile package for an efficient and safe procedure
    • French Size: 5Fr (TMI1198) | 7Fr (TMI1199)
    • Sterilization Method: ETO
    • Speculum Type: Disposable LED Speculum, Medium
    • Box Qty: 10 ea.
    • PVC Free & Non-DEHP. Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Miller Advance HS Catheter
    The Miller Advance Catheter was designed with features for improved patient comfort with a soft catheter tip and slender catheter shaft that reduces the
    need for dilation....

  • Miller Catheter TMI2002

    • Soft tip allows for smooth insertion into the cervical canal for improved patient comfort
    • Thin diameter allows the outer sheath to enter the endocervix up to the internal os with no additional dilation required
    • Flexible memory sheath allows the catheter to comfortably conform to the cervix, the cervicouterine junction, and the uterus
    • Latex free
  • IUI Catheter - Clear Shapeable
    Thomas Medical’s Clear, Shapeable IUI Catheter is manufactured in the United States with an embedded wire stylet, enabling the doctor to easily form the tip of the catheter.

  • IUI Catheter - Clear Shapeable TMI1297

    • The embedded wire stylet provides additional rigidity and the ability to shape the catheter for cases where cervical access is complicated by excessive retroversion, anteversion or cervical stenosis.
    • The clear shaft enables the embryologist to see and remove any visible air bubbles, reducing the possibility of uterine spasms and retroflow.
    • The alignment of the side hole and flat side of the connector allows the catheter to point towards the left or right fallopian tube ostium for directional injection.
    • Not made with natural rubber latex.
    • Non-pyrogenic and non-toxic to sperm