Art By Amanda Horn

Linden,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 521


  • "Pin Up"
    Acrylic and Oil Painting
    Beautiful woman featuring spider mums...

  • "Pin Up" is part of my dream series. The series seeks to explore the quiet emotional moments of day dreams. The woman in this painting sits quietly in her own skin, comfortable, confident pinning spider mums in her hair. I enjoy using flower launguage in my work to give those who understand the symbolism even more depth to my work. 
  • Arachne
    Acyrlic and Oil Paint
    Landscape format


  • "Aracne" is part of my dream series that seeks to explore the quiet moments of day dreams. "Aracne" was birthed from the greek myth of "Aracne", a beautiful woman who was a spinner that was challenged by Athena. Imagery dances through your head while reading this beautiful story. I combined dark and light elements along with all the flora and fauna that crave darkness to grow. The piece nearly glows in gallery lighting and brings interesting discussion to the floor. 
  • "The Dance"
    Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

  • Acrylic and Oil on gallery Wrap Canvas.