Clay Pot Swings

Sea Bright,  NJ 
United States
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Connecticut Flower Show Setup

 Show Specials

  • (Jun 11, 2021)
    $22.00 Each or 2 for $40.00, Will accomodate up to an 8" Clay Pot.


  • 3 Pot "Shwing"
    A 3 level shelf swing we call a "Shwing", clay pots included...

  • The 3 Pot "Shwing" is a great addition to any small area or window where you want to display a few Cactus, Succulents or Small foliage type plants in 4" Clay Pots
  • 4 Pot Medium Tower
    24" tall tower that will accommodate up to 4 standard size 6" Clay Pots, Clay Pots Included....

  • My most popular tower for small places that will hold up to 4 clay pots vertically, made out of various lumbers such as Pine, Cedar or Mahogany 
  • 4 Way 10 Pot Tower on Casters
    This 4 Way Tower on casters will hold any standard clay pot from as small as 6" and as large at 8", available in Pine at $155.00 or Cedar at $190.00, Clay Pots Included...

  • This Cedar Tower will accomodate 10 Clay Pots from 6" to 8", great for decks or patios to grow your herbs or favorite foliage and esy to move around as the easy roll casters make it a pleasure to move around as needed
  • 4 Pot Cedar Towers
    44" Tall, made of 100% Cedar, Will accommodate 4 or the standard size 8" clay Pots vertically, great for patios and small decks. Clay Pots Included...

  • Made of 100% Cedar, 44" Tall and great for urbanites or suburbanits who want to grow Herbs or Plants in a vertical format 
  • 2 Pot Swing
    The Hanging 2 Pot Swing is 19" long and will hold any clay pot from 6" to 8", clay pots not included...

  • 2 Pot Swing, 19" Long, made of Pressure Treated Pine and ready to handle any clay pot to 8" in size, 10 colors available