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Faceting a Custom Cut Auquamarine Gemstone


  • Custom cut Mint Green Tourmaline Pendant
    one of a kind cut Mint Tourmaline . The design was carved then cast in 14k Gold....

  • This color tourmaline is always my favorite to cut. The lighter shade of green really makes the stone pop. 
  • South American Orange fire opal
    Custom cut orange fire opal Pendant. Design is carved to fit then cast in 14k Yellow Gold....

  • There are tons of fire opal rough around. Most have a milky or a sleepy looking clarity. I was able to find a cutter with a large box of old stock rough . Out of that box i found only a few pieces that had the clarity i needed to facet a killer stone. 
  • Pendant with Blue Green Diamond
    .30ct. VS blue green diamond Pendant. Carved then cast in 14k gold....

  • When we look for diamonds for our pieces they have to have a top quality cut. As a cutter it's easier for me to choose the cut of a diamond over the cut of a colored gem stone. The diamond cutters spend a lot of time to make sure the stone has the best cut possible which will in turn command a top price. I don't get a lot of colored diamonds but every once in a while a special stone comes along that you just can't pass up. This Green diamond is a beauty.
  • Aquamarine Modified Heart Pendant
    modified brilliant cut Aquamarine Pendant. Carved then cast in 14k Gold....

  • I recut the pavilion of this stone with a modified brilliant cut. The color was great but it lacked the fire with a comercial cut. The modified cut did a really nice job to make it a wow piece. 
  • 14K Yellow Gold Blue Diamond Ring
    .27ct. vs quality Blue diamond. Set in a shooting star design....

  • VS quality Blue Diamond stone set in a carved then cast limited edition Ring design. Cast in 14k yellow Gold.